Evan's Network

AS398057 (formerly AS204466) is an Autonomous System run by Evan Pratten as a hobby.

I provide various internet services to experimenters such as:

  • IP Transit
  • Public IPv6 address space
  • Public IPv4 address space for amateur radio operators
  • Tunnel brokerage

The primary goals of this network are as follows: Focus on IPv6 adoption, maintain low operating costs, and learn new things.


Through the process of bringing up my network, I have had the opportunity to work with a number of people. The following group have been a key part of making this project what it is today:

  • Felix Carapaica: Taught me about BGP and helped me bring up my first backbone router
  • Chris Smith: AMPRNet Administrator, allocater of IPv4 addresses
  • Harley Watson: Provided me some great pointers on getting the network started
  • Xenyth Cloud: Excellent Toronto upstream with great support
  • EricNet: Provides me with free compute